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Outdoor Picnic Tables

Enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner on a high quality picnic table where you can see the blue sky above and enjoy the fresh air is one of life’s little joys. When you add commercial picnic tables to your outdoor space, you can provide this experience to your customers, visitors, or students.

Outdoor picnic tables invite people to sit with their food and get lost in the moment. Whether they devour ice cream cones served at your cafe or play a board game they brought from home, your guests will savor the chance to slow down. Supportive, durable products will also make a great impression on those who visit your business. They’ll establish your professionalism and reflect well on your choices and dedication to making your guests comfortable and at ease.

Bramsford Site Furnishings sells many different picnic tables designed to meet your needs. Learn more about our products and how we can assist you below. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all of our offerings.

Our Commercial-Grade Picnic Tables

All of our commercial outdoor picnic tables have durable finishes that provide them with the protection they need to withstand any weather.  Our collections include the Classic Line, which suits industrial businesses requiring durability, and the Elegance line, perfect for posh commercial locations where the picnic table helps set an upscale mood.

We’re now offering hand sanitizer stations to accompany your picnic tables at your outdoor space to keep visitors safe. Check them out today!

Which Industries Use Our Heavy-Duty Outdoor Picnic Tables?

We serve a range of industries and locations with outdoor picnic tables and eating spaces, including:

Our Elegance and Classic lines can complement any business, school or other location with an outdoor setting, including stadiums and recreation areas. They also comply with government regulations, with wheelchair-accessible and ADA picnic tables available.

ADA Accessible Picnic Tables for Sale

Every outdoor space should include site elements that provide access to individuals in wheelchairs. Commercial ADA picnic tables from Bramsford Site Furnishings ensure people of all abilities can gather around for a meal with friends and family and enjoy eating outdoors. Picnic tables are already a great way to enhance your outdoor area. Making sure your picnic tables are ADA accessible shows that you care about the needs of your employees, students, and visitors.

Our wheelchair-accessible picnic tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose from:

Each table’s design leaves a wide, open space that’s just the right size for an individual wheelchair. Our accessible tables meet all ADA guidelines for knee and toe clearances. They’re also quite stylish and come in a wide range of customizable color options to suit your aesthetic needs. Plus, they’re available in a variety of mounting options, from inground to portable. Bramsford Site Furnishings always offers a durable yet aesthetically appealing design that is perfect for public and commercial use.

There are many benefits to including ADA accessible picnic tables among your outdoor site furnishings. Wheelchair-accessible designs ensure everyone has a place at the table, no matter their ability. More and more, people are paying attention to social responsibility. When you show that you care about the needs of all, you build trust with your customers, visitors, and employees, leaving them with a better idea of who you are and what you stand for.

Why Choose Outdoor Heavy Duty Picnic Tables From Bramsford Outdoor Furnishings?

You’ll get the best products and the best service when you choose our round, square or large picnic tables. You can customize your selection by size, color or style of seating, and you’re sure to appreciate our products’ low maintenance requirements. They don’t need frequent cleaning or other upkeep, and they’ll enhance your business by making it look its best.

Your customers will love the attention to detail and attractive appearance of our tables, and you’ll get the value you desire in anything you display at your business or school.

Browse Our Outdoor Picnic Tables and Place an Order

Whatever you envision for your custom picnic table, we can make it into a reality. Just a few exceptional options include:

Look through our inventory and decide on your customization options. Place your order to have our tables delivered to your business or school and ready for immediate use. Not sure which design fits your style or want help finding outdoor picnic tables that meet your budgetary needs? Contact our team, and we can assist you with your selection.

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