Are you looking for the right outdoor furniture for a small business like a restaurant or retail center? The attractive, durable Sullivan Collection from Bramsford Site Furnishings can provide instant curb appeal that draws more visitors to your establishment and leaves a lasting impression.

Sullivan Outdoor Furniture Options

This versatile, stylish furniture collection includes an array of products specifically designed for outdoor environments:

  • Outdoor dining chairs: Sold individually, these chairs feature a steel mesh sheet and steel tuning framework that holds up well in various weather conditions. They’re also stackable for easy, convenient storage. Select from three beautiful powder-coated colors to ensure your chairs complement your business’s outdoor environment.
  • Rectangular outdoor tables: This spacious table design works well for businesses looking to minimize furniture costs without compromising customers’ comfort. Choose from two sizes — 30 inches by 48 inches and 30 inches by 24 inches — to meet your space and seating requirements. Four attractive color options are available to suit any space.
  • Round outdoor tables: Round Sullivan commercial outdoor tables are ideal for maximizing space in smaller areas. They’re also easy to store during the off-season in colder climates. Choose from four visually appealing colors and three sizes — 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches.
  • Square outdoor tables: Our square tables feature clean, simple lines that blend well with any outdoor seating environment. They also help to conserve floor space, creating a more comfortable setting for customers. Available sizes include 30 inches, 36 inches and 42 inches.

Benefits of Choosing the Sullivan Collection

Selecting tables or chairs from the Sullivan outdoor furniture collection adds value to your business in several ways:

  • Design flexibility: You can match your tables and chairs to create a symmetrical look in your outdoor seating area. You could also opt for a more eclectic style by choosing different colors for the powder-coated finishes.
  • AAMA-compliant: Our power coatings meet the stringent American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2604-05 standard for high-performance organic finishes. Your furniture will provide excellent protection against moisture and the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Durability: The steel mesh construction ensures your tables and chairs will deliver long-term service for your business, allowing you to maximize your return.
  • Minimal maintenance: All Sullivan products are easy to clean and maintain. Your employees will spend less effort taking care of the furniture and have more time to devote to what matters most — taking care of your customers.
  • Fast shipping: We recognize that many business owners need their outdoor furniture quickly to complete a renovation project or prepare for an upcoming busy season. With our industry-leading turnaround times, you won’t have to wait long for your tables and chairs.

Browse the Sullivan Collection and Make a Purchase

Explore our wide selection of durable, stylish Sullivan commercial outdoor tables and chairs today. Buy directly on the site using our easy, secure online checkout process. Do you have questions or need help placing a bulk order? Contact the Bramsford Site Furnishings team for expert assistance.