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Commercial Tree Grates & Guards

Tree grates and tree guards can be used in a variety of settings to protect and maintain healthy trees. Designed for parks and sidewalks, these functional outdoor amenities protect developing trees and root systems while still allowing for the plant’s water and drainage needs. Tree guards also prevents litter from collecting at the base of the tree and minimizes the growth of unwanted weeds. Protect the natural elements outside your business by purchasing tree grates from Bramsford Site Furnishings.

Looking to learn more about tree grates? Check out our Tree Grate Purchasing Guide.

Benefits of Bramsford Site Furnishings Commercial Tree Grates and Guards

If you want to keep your trees healthy so they can be enjoyed for years to come, you may need to take protective measures. Tree grates and tree guards keep trees and their root systems protected in busy areas or urban centers. Our commercial tree grates and tree guards at Bramsford Site Furnishings have many benefits, including:

  • Durability: Whatever the elements may bring, our products are built tough. You can be sure that through even the worst weather conditions, our tree grates for sidewalks won’t break, rust or corrode.
  • Quality finishing techniques: We offer two different finishing options depending on the product you choose. Our Six-Step Powder-Coat and rugged Plastisol finishes ensure your products remain protected and attractive.
  • Customizable: Our tree grate frames come in several sizes and shapes, including round or square. Tree guards come in round rod or flat bar styles.

Browse Our Tree Grates for Parks and Sidewalks Today

At Bramsford Site Furnishings, you’re sure to find your ideal tree grate or guard. Purchase these protective outdoor accessories directly on our website, and we’ll ship them to you, ready to go. For any questions about our tree guards or if you need assistance designing and creating your outdoor space, contact our team today. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all of Bramsford’s product offerings!

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