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Outdoor Memorial Benches

Memorial park benches serve as lasting tributes to important people, places or events. If someone has made a difference to your business or community, a memorial or tribute bench helps recognize that person’s contributions. Whether you’re a university honoring a generous donor or a restaurant owner celebrating 25 years, our personalized memorial benches at Bramsford Site Furnishings are a sophisticated and stylish way to reflect on meaningful events, places or people.

Benefits of Bramsford Site Furnishings Outdoor Memorial Benches

While outdoor memorial benches are often used for parks, any outdoor location can be used to memorialize a significant person or event. No matter what kind of business you own, memorial benches serve as a place of rest and reflection where visitors can remember the significance of that person, place or event.

When you purchase a commemorative bench from Bramsford Site Furnishings, you’ll enjoy many unique benefits:

  • Durable: All of our stylish designs are built to stand the test of time. Using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, our memorial benches endure any kind of weather, resisting rust, corrosion and even graffiti.
  • Customizable: Your bench is a tribute to a person, place or event that’s significant to you. We can customize your memorial bench with the details that matter to you.
  • Warranty: We’re so confident in the craftsmanship of our memorial benches that we offer a five-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

Choose From a Variety of Memorial Bench Designs

We have a variety of memorial park bench designs to choose from so you can find the perfect style for your outdoor setting. Each of our three distinctive styles comes with a brushed stainless steel plaque that you can have engraved later. They also feature customizable options, such as mounting preference and color.

Covington Collection

The smooth cast-aluminum design of the Covington Collection memorial benches is perfect for those who prefer a casual elegance. It features a powder-coat finish, contoured seat and comes in your choice of round or square perforation styles.

Winchester Park

With its graceful curved arms and matching cambered legs, the Winchester Park memorial bench offers a strong yet refined style. This statement piece with its sleek powder-coated finish is ideal where elegance is the predominant goal. Choose from a square or round perforation pattern.

Specialty Series

Our Speciality Series is the perfect blend of form and function and comes in six different configurations. The Plastisol coated bench seats are built with endurance in mind, and the legs are powder-coated in a matching color finish. You have your choice of patterns, either a perforated or rib design.

Customizable Colors and Other Options

At Bramsford Site Furnishings, we understand how important it is to find the right outdoor furnishings to suit your space. The ability to customize color and other decorative elements ensures you find a memorial bench that truly speaks to your individual aesthetic.

Depending on which memorial bench design you choose, our stately outdoor seating comes with a variety of customizable options, including bench and leg color, pattern, and mount style:

  • Customized colors: Every outdoor area is unique, with its own style and color scheme. When you choose memorial benches from Bramsford Site Furnishings, you can choose from a wide variety of chic color options. Some designs offer more muted, elegant hues, while others include bright and eye-catching color selections. This ensures your memorial seat’s benches and legs match the style of your existing site.
  • Pattern: We offer decorative perforation patterns to suit your aesthetic or functional requirements. Some bench designs give you the option of perforated or rib patterns, while others offer round or square perforation.
  • Mount style: Our Specialty Series Prestige Bench comes with several mounting options depending on how you wish to secure the legs of your memorial bench. Choose from inground, portable, or surface mount leg options.

Browse Our Outdoor Memorial Park Benches for Sale

To honor someone or something important, choose high-quality memorial benches that can stand up to elements. Browse our wide selection of options to find your perfect design, and place your order directly on our website. If you have any questions or need help designing an outdoor space with the perfect combination of furnishings and amenities, contact the team at Bramsford Site Furnishings today.

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