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Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations For Sale

There has never been a higher demand for commercial hand sanitizer stations. People want an option to clean their hands when soap and water are not available. Offering outdoor hand sanitizer stations at your restaurant, family entertainment center, university or other business will give your customers and students the hygiene options they need.

We sell hand sanitizer stands and hand sanitizer dispensers that can be used in either indoor or outdoor settings. With a sanitizing stand, people can access hand sanitizer whenever they need it. Your workers can also use these stations to decrease the spread of germs.

Staying clean and minimizing germs is an important way to keep everyone safe. Investing in commercial hand sanitizer stands and dispensers is a smart way to maintain high health standards and show visitors and staff that you care about their health.

Benefits of Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stands & Dispensers

There are many benefits of placing outdoor hand sanitizer stations throughout your location, including:

  • Convenience: With sanitizer stands at multiple locations throughout your business, customers can sanitize at their convenience rather than having to use their own hand-cleaning products. This attention to detail builds trust and appreciation among your customers.
  • Cleanliness: Sanitizer stations serve as reminders to customers and employees to sanitize frequently. Your business can stay cleaner and more hygienic as more people use the sanitizer you provide.
  • Flexibility: Our sanitizer dispenser stands are easy to move and relocate as needed. Place them next to entrances and exits, where your visitors will want to sanitize. You can also add them outside the entrance to your kitchen or near bathrooms to remind employees of the importance of hygiene.
  • Design: Customize our hand sanitizer stations to match the style and color scheme of your location. Your dispenser stands will look like they were built specifically for your space.

Where Hand Sanitizing Stations Can Be Used

Many establishments can benefit from installing outdoor hand sanitizer stations around their facilities. Hand sanitizing stations help preserve the health of consumers and workers, allowing routine activities to continue and doors to stay open. By cutting down on potential health issues, proper sanitary practices can help a business keep customers coming back and keep sales on the rise.

The ability to set up durable commercial hand sanitizer stations outside makes these products an even more versatile asset. In this way, hand sanitizer stands can enhance the health and safety of exterior campus spaces and outdoor public places as well as interior locations. Using hand sanitizer stands that can be stationed outdoors grants you the convenience of not needing to remove the stands after closing and place them outside again in the morning.

The following establishments may benefit the most from installing commercial hand sanitizer stations:

  • Parks and recreation centers: Allow people to enjoy the great outdoors without risking exposure to extra germs by installing hand sanitizer stands at high-traffic areas in parks and recreation centers, such as playgrounds and eating areas. Encouraging people to use outdoor hand sanitizer dispensers after touching communal park items like the swings or slides can cut down on the spread of sickness.
  • Amusement parks: Providing park guests with hand sanitizer immediately after going on a ride or coming in contact with another high-touch piece of equipment can go a long way toward preserving health and safety within the park grounds. Stop the spread of germs by placing hand sanitizer stands throughout the amusement park, especially at ride exits, restroom areas and near game or food stands.
  • School campuses: Keeping students safe is always a top priority for schools, and hand sanitizer stands can help maintain the health and safety of campuses. By putting hand sanitizer stands inside classrooms and around outdoor spaces, schools can protect the well-being of their students and staff members.
  • Restaurants: Clean hands are a key component of food safety. Make sure food is prepared properly and consumed with clean hands by placing hand sanitizer stands in the kitchen and by the entrance of the restaurant.
  • Hotels: Enhance the atmosphere of any hotel by installing hand sanitizer stands in the lobby, signaling to guests that the hotel is sanitary and cares about the health and safety of their customers.
  • Movie theaters: Make watching a movie cleaner by offering movie watchers hand sanitizer as soon as they enter and exit the theater.
  • Health care facilities: Naturally, health and safety are essential to a health care office. Keep patients and employees safe by offering hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.

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