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Outdoor Ashtray Urns

Ash urns can keep your property looking its best by giving smokers a place to drop their ashes and extinguish their cigarettes. You’ll make everyone feel welcome when you provide a spot for smokers to congregate, and giving them a safe location to dispose of ashes is a common courtesy. In fact, an attractive ash urn can serve many purposes in your outdoor areas.

Ash urns keep cigarette butts from being thrown onto your property, limiting your cleanup responsibilities. They also effectively stamp out the smell of smoke, something many non-smokers desire in their outdoor surroundings.

Bramsford Site Furnishings sells mounted and portable ash urns for businesses and schools to add to their outdoor lineups. You can find options that match your brand identity and company color scheme, complementing your design aesthetics and pulling your outdoor look together. Learn more about our ash urns and how they can enhance your outdoor space below.

Find Outdoor Ash Urns for Sale Online

Our attractive ash urns complement the look of many of our benches and trash receptacles. When you buy these additions to your outdoor space, you can add outdoor ash cigarette butt receptacles made with the same high-quality coating. The urns and your other pieces will look as though they were made to be displayed together.

You can also purchase urns for areas without furniture, such as the entryway to your office building, where you want to encourage people to dispose of their cigarettes. Some urns are even paired with trash receptacles, offering a practical way to take care of two needs at once.

What Industries Use Our Outdoor Commercial Cigarette Urns?

You can find outdoor cigarette disposal perfect for:

  • Government centers
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Business courtyards
  • Schools and universities

Why Buy Our Outdoor Trash Receptacles With Ashtrays?

For more than three decades, Bramsford Outdoor Furnishings has been an industry leader in outdoor features. Our well-made, durable products are made to last for the long term, with a coating that protects each piece against the elements. As a trusted outdoor furniture supplier, we take our reputation seriously, selling only the best solutions.

We will be your partner in every sense of the word. Our ash urns provide the best value, with great pricing and great production values behind them. When your property looks better, your customers will enjoy their experience with you more and trust you more while doing so. Create a great first impression on your visitors with our outdoor furnishings.

Browse Our Outdoor Mountable and Portable Ashtrays For Sale

We have a wide selection of cigarette butt disposal receptacles to choose from that can provide the value you want. Our options include:

You can customize our products by choosing the size or color, then have them shipped directly to your business. Our clear assembly instructions make it easy to put our products together. Not sure what designs fit your budget or style? Contact our team to discuss your needs, and we can find the right choice for your surroundings. Get in touch today or sign up for our newsletter.

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