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What You Need for Outdoor Hotel Areas

Designing a hotel can be challenging as you consider available space, your aesthetic and your guests’ needs. Decorating and creating an outdoor area comes with unique factors you will need to consider. Understanding the right furniture for outdoor hotel spaces can help prepare you for hosting and pleasing guests.

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The Importance of Outdoor Hotel Areas

While the interior of your hotel is essential for providing guests a place to rest and relax while on vacation, outdoor spaces can give them increased experiences and chances for relaxation. Outdoor amenities can help your hotel stand out from your competition, causing guests to choose your hotel, knowing they will get more for their money. Hotels can draw in more revenue from new outdoor features where guests can spend money.

When considering adding or revamping an outdoor space, you have several options that can attract visitors to your hotel and hold their interests, including:

  • Pools: Pools can attract many guests, especially those looking to escape the heat. People love to relax in or by the water, making pools essential for hotels looking for outdoor attractions. You can further enhance your pool space by adding a bar, shelters and decks to appeal to more guests and their desired pool experience.
  • Bar and restaurants: When traveling, searching for good places to eat can be challenging. You can offer your guests quality eating arrangements at your hotel to minimize additional travel. Outdoor seating lets guests continue enjoying the fresh air and the views. Improve their experience by offering events like live music, game nights and photo opportunities.
  • Rooftops: For a unique outdoor attraction, consider decorating your roof space so it becomes somewhere your guests can continue to relax and enjoy their stay. You can transform rooftops into attractions, from rooftop pools to bars and restaurants. Rooftops are great if you have minimal surrounding property or want to show off amazing views. You can also create something simple with green spaces or extra lounges where guests can relax.

Smaller spaces can be largely impactful at hotels. Patios and courtyards create essential quiet and comfortable spaces where guests can take time to relax and enjoy the outdoor areas your hotel has to offer.

What Do You Need for Your Outdoor Hotel Area?

However you add outdoor spaces to your hotel, comfort and convenience are key. Guests and hotel employees need to move through easily, and comfortable spaces will enable guests to spend more time there. Choosing the right outdoor furniture can help you create spaces that fit your hotel’s aesthetic and brand while catering to the space available and your guest’s comfort.

1. Tables and Chairs

Whether designing the perfect restaurant or a quiet sitting area on your property, tables, chairs and benches are essential for creating outdoor spaces where guests can relax and spend time at amenities. With so many options available, you can customize your sitting solutions to match your functionality, spacing and aesthetic needs.

Picnic tables can be great options for pool decks and poolside bars. With chairs and benches attached, you can create safe seating around your pools, where families and friends can gather together while giving other guests and employees space to move around.

If you want more flexibility with your seating options, like in restaurants or bars, consider dining sets. These options allow you to select free-moving chairs, giving your guests more movement when enjoying a meal or sitting with friends. With increased customization options, you can curate your look to match the exact mood you want for your outdoor space.

2. Umbrellas

Shade is essential when offering quality outdoor spaces to your guests. While greenery like trees can provide natural shade, shadows move throughout the day, making it challenging to provide consistent comfort for your guests. Instead, you can invest in umbrellas.

Umbrellas offer several kinds of flexibility. Guests can choose whether they want to bask in the sun or raise the umbrella for shade. If it is rainy, guests can continue enjoying outside spaces, like restaurants and bars, with the protection umbrellas offer.

Like other hotel outdoor furniture ideas, umbrellas allow you to match your furniture to your hotel’s aesthetic by choosing the color and finish.

3. Planters

Greenery and flowers can give urban or designed locations feel more natural and secluded. You can help bring nature back to your outdoor spaces with planters. When you invest in quality planters, you can add more personality and decor to your outdoor spaces. From bars to rooftops and pools, planters can fit into several areas at your hotel.

Design Considerations for Outdoor Hotel Areas

If you are designing a new outdoor space, many things will require your attention throughout the process. Consider these factors as you make essential design decisions:

  • Availability: When adding a new outdoor space, consider the open space you already have available and how that can enhance what you offer at your hotel. If you have unused open spaces, like patios or rooftops, you can transform those into restaurants, bars or seating areas.
  • Flexibility: Adding outdoor spaces can increase your hotel’s flexibility and have more than one function. Understanding your guests’ needs can help you determine how they might use your outdoor areas differently throughout the day. Keep a patio clear in the morning where guests can quietly enjoy coffee and breakfast and transform it into additional outdoor seating for your restaurant during the evening dinner rush.
  • Zones: As you plan your hotel’s layout and functionality, consider its zoning. Hotels divide into separate zones depending on the space’s function. For example, you might consider an entertainment zone where guests can easily access and move between different attractions, like your pool, restaurant and bar.

Understanding the many factors that can affect your outdoor spaces and their design is critical and can help you develop an area that best fits your guests and their needs.

Explore Quality Outdoor Furniture With Bramsford Outdoor Furnishings

With many factors to keep in mind when designing your outdoor areas, choosing an excellent outdoor furniture supplier can allow you to build your hotel spaces efficiently. Hotels use carefully created aesthetics to draw in target audiences and maintain a specific atmosphere. Selecting the right furniture can help you design the perfect space.

At Bramsford Outdoor Furnishings, we carry a wide selection of outdoor furniture and a range of color and material customization features. We dedicate ourselves to helping you find the perfect additions to your hotel and its various spaces, so you can discover precisely what will fit your needs with us. From decorative planters to functional tables and chairs, you can provide your guests with cohesive furniture that will add to your outdoor spaces.

Explore our collection of outdoor products today with Bramsford Outdoor Furnishings.

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