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Process for Buying Site Furnishings

From seating to tables to trash receptacles, acquiring site furnishings can transform your business and help you make the most of the space available to you. It’s important to know about the process of purchasing outdoor furniture and considerations to keep in mind to make the best decisions for your customers.

Learn more about the process for buying site furnishings for your business.

Get More Value for Your Business When You Buy from Bramsford

Your commercial business can benefit from investing in your outdoor space. Doing so gives your shoppers more opportunities to interact with and spend time at your store. Explore the different ways to add value to your operation with site furnishings.

Increase Functionality

Adding furniture to your store’s outdoor space helps improve your business’s functionality. Having somewhere for your shoppers to sit down is practical, especially if you sell food items. Depending on your business type, visitors may utilize your outdoor seating to dine, make a phone call or meet up with others before going shopping.

Utilizing your outdoor areas allows you to expand your operating space and make the most of your storefront. Outdoor furniture allows your business to accommodate more people and more needs.

Expand Your Services

Your business can maximize its space by expanding your services into your outdoor area. Whether you sell food goods or clothing items, you can use site furnishings to encourage shoppers to stay at your business for longer and, hopefully, spend more money. If you furnish your outdoor area, you can use it to expand your services.

Enhance Customer Experiences

One of the greatest advantages of investing in outdoor furniture for your commercial business is enhancing your customers’ experiences at your store. Seating and tables will make your space more comfortable and convenient for shoppers.

Taking measures to improve how your visitors feel when they come to your store is crucial. Businesses with especially positive customer experiences earn about 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors, and about 84% of companies that invest in customer experiences increase their earnings.

Maintain Tidy Spaces

Another benefit of buying site furnishings is maintaining clean, tidy spaces. By adding trash and recycling receptacles, you can better control litter and keep your area cleaner. Providing outdoor seating for your customers also encourages people to sit down rather than linger around your storefront. This can make your business feel more inviting and comfortable.

How to Plan a Budget for Site Furnishings

Before committing to a set of new outdoor benches or tables, it’s important to evaluate your budget first. Once you look at your business’s needs, you can calculate approximate costs for your site furnishing project.

Here are key considerations for your commercial business’s outdoor furniture budget.

Size and Accommodations

One of the first steps to take is measuring your outdoor area. You need to know how much room is available to determine what size furniture pieces you can fit comfortably into your space. If you choose items that are too large or if you buy too many, they will likely overcrowd the space.

Your business should also consider how many patrons you want to accommodate. Once you have an idea of the area’s measurements and the quantity of furnishings you’ll need to suit your customers, you can begin making cost estimates for all your outdoor pieces.

Furniture Type

When choosing furniture pieces for your business’s outside space, ensure you are prepared to invest in materials that will be durable and long-lasting. You also want to identify a style that pairs well with your store. If you have a modern-looking business, you may want sleek, simple items. If your store’s design is more traditional, you may want furniture pieces that are more intricate and detailed.

Your outdoor space should complement your business’s style. The material and type you choose will impact your spending.

Shipping and Delivery

When planning your site furnishings budget, be sure to factor in any costs associated with shipping and delivery. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and consider whether your team will help with the unloading process upon delivery. These factors will all contribute to your overall budget needs.


Landscaping design can help elevate your outdoor space and create a more beautiful area for your outdoor furnishings. Your business may want to consider investing in professional landscaping services to achieve your overall vision. Elements like potted flowers, plants or trees help add natural beauty to the outside of your business, and you can use them to create well-established boundaries and perimeters around your space.


To raise additional funds, small businesses can reach out to local donors and ask them to sponsor their outdoor seating area. One example could be customizing your outdoor bench with a plaque that thanks the donor for their contribution. Fundraising initiatives can help cover some of the costs and build greater connections between your business and the local community.


How to Buy Commercial Site Furnishings

When your business is ready to purchase site furnishings to enhance your outdoor space, follow these four steps to complete the buying process.

1. Measure Your Space

The first step in buying site furnishings is to measure your outdoor space meticulously. Ensure you know exactly how much room each item will take up, and avoid overcrowding with too many pieces or items that are too bulky. Just as you did for your budget planning, make sure to choose pieces that will accommodate your patrons and create a comfortable, inviting space.

2. Plan Your Setup

Once you understand the size of your space, the next step is to plan how you will set it up. The key is finding an arrangement that is suitable for your shoppers and looks visually appealing. For example, you can use chalk or tape to plot out your setup. Making adjustments will be much easier when you utilize these tools beforehand rather than waiting until your furniture has already arrived.

If you are unsure how to organize your outdoor space, turn to an expert for assistance. They can help you find the most suitable way to arrange your furniture according to your specific needs.

3. Place Your Order

Once you know how you will organize your furniture, it’s time to order the options you selected. Ensure you stick with your budget and find options in the color and material you want.

Choosing commercial site furnishings is seamless when you know exactly what you want for your business. By taking steps to prepare both your budget and outdoor space, you will be able to place your order with ease and feel good about your decisions.

4. Prepare for Delivery

Once you’ve ordered your site furnishings, ensure you have a plan for delivery. You may need to have storage space available for when the items arrive, so make sure that is prepared before the delivery day. Decide which of your team members will help out during the process. They may need to unload large boxes and unpack each item, so enlisting your staff for assistance can make delivery go faster and more smoothly.

With adequate planning, buying your site furnishings can be simple and seamless.

Ways to Maintain Your Site Furnishings

Taking care of your outdoor furniture is key to making the most of your space and maximizing your investment. The better you care for each piece, the longer they will last. Whether it’s a table or a bike rack, it’s important to maintain your furnishings on a regular basis.

When a customer visits your business, you want them to see that your store is well cared for and that your facility pays close attention to detail. The best way to keep your furnishings in the best shape is by establishing a schedule to regularly complete the following tasks:

  • Inspect for damage: Have your team check each item and look for broken pieces or missing parts. Ensure your outdoor furniture is steady and safe before allowing customers to use them.
  • Tend to hardware: As time goes on, screws and bolts may loosen up on your pieces. If you notice any loose hardware, tighten anything that has come undone. If you find missing hardware, replace it promptly to minimize the chances of further damage.
  • Address rust: If your business is in a climate with humid or wet weather, metal furnishings can rust if they are left outside. Be sure to inspect each item for rust and consider adding an anti-rust coating to fight spots in the future.
  • Keep site furnishings clean: Another way to maintain your outdoor furniture is by keeping it as clean as possible. Wipe down surfaces after customers use them and try to remove any dirt and grime.
  • Touch-up cracked coating: After a long time of use, the paint or coating on your site furnishings may start to crack or chip. It is best to touch up these areas as soon as you notice them. The sooner you add a protective coating or fresh coat of paint, the better — that way, you can halt the damage in its tracks.
  • Fix loose parts: Whether you have a wobbly table or a loose armrest, it’s important to address these problems as they arise. If you can fix it by tightening a bolt or rewelding, you can save your piece of furniture and get a lot more use out of it.
  • Check for vandalism: Unfortunately, commercial businesses can be victims of vandalism. Check for gum under tables and writing etched into your furniture. By addressing these concerns, you can discourage others from causing further damage.

Popular Types of Site Furnishings for Commercial Businesses

The site furnishings you choose will depend on what your outdoor area can accommodate and your customers’ unique needs. Explore common types of furniture that businesses utilize for their outside spaces.

Outdoor Seating

Providing seating in the form of benches or chairs is important for making your business more comfortable for your patrons. Seating gives those visiting your business somewhere to meet. If you sell food or drink, it is especially convenient having a place where your shoppers can sit down to eat and enjoy the fresh air. Investing in the right outdoor dining chairs can be advantageous for your business and boost your customers’ overall experiences.


Tables are another common type of site furnishing. Like outdoor seating, they offer a convenient, comfortable place for customers to dine outside, take a rest, meet with others or make a phone call. Outdoor tables and chairs encourage people to spend more time at your business, which can lead to higher sales and a better customer experience. You can buy complete outdoor dining sets that are stylish and make your space even more inviting.

Trash and Recycling Receptacles

Your business can benefit from including trash and recycling receptacles outside of your store. Whether you sell car parts or coffee, your customers will need to throw something away at one point. These bins can reduce littering near your business and keep your outdoor space more hygienic. By providing receptacles, you can also help reduce trash pollution in your community and do your part to be more environmentally friendly.


Landscaping design features like planters can accentuate your outdoor space and make it look more attractive. Planters can give your business a more natural and welcoming vibe, and placing them strategically can also help create protective barriers between your seating area and the parking lot. Make sure you can find options that go well with the other furnishings and that do not take up too much valuable square footage.

Bike Racks

If your business has a lot of people visiting your location by bicycle, adding a bike rack is a great way to accommodate your customers and give them a secure place to park their rides. Installing a bike rack makes your business easier to visit for those travelling by bike. It will also give shoppers the perfect place to park their bicycles or scooters rather than tying them to trees or leaning them against your building.

Browse Outdoor Furnishings From Bramsford Site Furnishings

If your small commercial business wants to maximize your outdoor space, turn to Bramsford Site Furnishings. You can customize your order and checkout directly on our site, making the buying process simple and hassle-free. Our team of experts can help you find the right pieces based on your budget and needs.

Our products are durable and stylish, so you can feel confident in the quality of your items. We value reliability and prioritize responsive, helpful customer service to ensure you find what you’re looking for. Browse our selection of outdoor furnishings and place your order today.

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