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Commercial Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Commercial outdoor furniture buying guide

One of the best ways to enhance your business’ outdoor space is by adding quality, comfortable furniture. You can select various types of benches, picnic tables, dining sets, trash receptacles and other accessories to create an inviting atmosphere for your customers and staff.

Before selecting and ordering your furniture, be sure to consider your needs and design style and select colors and materials to complement your brand. Use this guide to discover how and when to buy outdoor furniture for your business.

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Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

The type of furniture you’ll need will depend on several factors, including your business’ industry and the size of the property. Ask yourself the following questions to determine how to choose the right outdoor furniture:

  • What is the purpose of my business? A business in any industry that has outdoor space can benefit from commercial outdoor furniture. While a park may need sturdy benches and picnic tables, a restaurant should have comfortable seating and decorative planters. As you look at furniture, consider your industry and what can help you care for your customers and employees.
  • How large is my property? Use a tape measure to discover the exact square footage of your outdoor area to give you an idea of your furniture’s dimensions. Think about how many clients or employees you have to accommodate to figure out how many seats and tables you should order. Make sure there’s enough free space for everyone to walk and eat comfortably.
  • Climate: The climate of your location will determine what kind of furniture you would need to make sure it stays clean and sturdy all year long. If you’re in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, consider investing in furniture covers or a large storage bin. You should also design your outdoor space with several umbrellas or awnings to protect your furniture and guests from the weather.
  • Flexibility: If you manage a party venue or a restaurant, you may need seating that you can easily store away when you’re not using it. Think about whether you rearrange your outdoor furniture often or if you want your chairs and tables to stay in place.

What’s the Best Type of Furniture for Your Industry?

Here are some tips for choosing the right outdoor furniture, depending on your specific industry:

Creative shading for restaurants


The style you choose for your outdoor eating area should be inviting to your patrons if you own a restaurant. The type of food you serve and the atmosphere you create will determine what furniture you need, such as:

  • Outdoor seating: Create an attractive area for customers to eat outside with comfortable dining tables. Place a bench or two in front of the door, so diners can wait during busy times. Make sure you set up the seating with plenty of shade and protection from the weather. If you have an outdoor bar area, set up some lounge chairs or sofas for your guests to relax at the end of the night.
  • Trash receptacles: If you have a casual to-go-style restaurant, put a trash receptacle outside, so that your patrons don’t leave their garbage. Cover the trash with a lid that provides space for guests to put their trays. Providing one with an ashtray on top prevents customers from dumping cigarette butts on your property.
  • Creative shading: Put an awning over the entrance to shelter waiting customers and display the name of your restaurant. You could also put umbrellas at each dining table to protect your patrons from the sun or unexpected rain.
  • Planters: Naturally decorate your restaurant with a few large planters. These boxes can also create a fence to provide a private space for your outdoor patio.

Comfortable outdoor seating for employees


When employees get a chance to take a step outside during the workday, it often increases productivity and boosts their mood. Provide comfortable outdoor seating for your employees where they can enjoy their lunch breaks or corporate parties. Keep in mind that your furniture should be inviting but professional, so choose luxurious, low-maintenance materials for your outdoor office space, such as:

  • Tables and chairs: Depending on your industry, you can set up picnic tables or dining tables outside to give your employees a place to eat lunch in pleasant weather. Consider providing desks for your staff to work outside during the summer.
  • Benches: Set up built-in benches at the front for guests to wait. If you have a large property, include bench swings in shaded areas, so employees can take a quick break.
  • Bike racks: Including a bike parking spot for employees who ride their bikes to work encourages them to make eco-friendly choices.
  • Smokers stations: To prevent employees and customers from leaving cigarette butts outside the office, install an ash trash unit in designated smoking areas.
  • Barbecue areas: Show your appreciation for your team by hosting a party over the summer. You can cook meats and vegetables over a charcoal fire with a covered grill. For storage and visual appeal, consider investing in a fire ring with a grate.


Many people enjoy spending time with their loved ones in the park. Your park should have plenty of outdoor furniture that’s easy to maintain yet comfortable for guests. Incorporate these pieces of furniture to serve your local community:

  • Functional seating: Memorial benches give your community a place to sit and a tribute to an event or person that has made a difference in your local area.
  • Game areas: Install game tables in designated spots for people of all ages to play checkers or chess.
  • Picnic areas: Picnic tables offer a place for the whole family to enjoy meals together. Include low-maintenance grills and creative shading for nourishment and relief from the sun.

Hotel and resort outdoor seating

Hotels and Resorts

As a hotel or resort manager, you have to accommodate different people in various locations. For example, the way you design your pool area is different from how you would arrange the hospitality furniture in your outdoor restaurant. Make sure to include these seating and dining pieces throughout your outdoor space:

  • Dining tables: A hotel or resort often has outdoor dining areas for patrons to enjoy the sunset with their luxurious meal. Include comfortable seating and low-maintenance tables for the quick turnaround of guests who sit in your resort’s dining areas.
  • Lounge chair: Throughout the pool and beach areas, place enough lounge chairs for your guests to relax in the sun. These chairs should be resistant to both moisture and sunlight.
  • Umbrellas: In the hot summer sun, your customers will appreciate having umbrellas scattered around the beach or pool area to find shade.

How to determine the style of your commercial outdoor furniture

How to Determine the Style of Your Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Let the decor of your outdoor living space tell the story of your heritage and mission. Choose from a variety of colors and materials to complement the style of your business. Let these tips guide you as you consider your furniture’s design:

  • Blend in with your surroundings: If you’re not sure where to start, seek inspiration from the natural beauty around you. Earthy tones in your furniture can bring out the trees and flowers’ visual elements in your company’s local area.
  • Use your brand colors: Implement your company’s logo or brand colors in your choice of cushions and materials. You could also complement the architectural style of your building with furniture from the same design theme.
  • Keep your style consistent: When you buy outdoor furniture, stick with the same color palette and have them match in some way to help all the pieces come together.
  • Attract customers: Create an atmosphere that invites your ideal audience. Decorate with casual furniture if your business is a takeout restaurant, or set up modern seating if you want to attract white-collar clients.

Check out these specific styles to discover which types of furniture can enhance your business or industry and create a unique outdoor space.

1. Built-In Furniture

Permanent seating saves both money and space, allowing you to maximize every square foot of your outdoor patio. However, you would need to use concrete to put the benches and chairs in place. Securing your tables and benches with concrete prevents them from theft or blowing around in the wind.

Park managers can install built-in benches and tables throughout walking trails and dining areas. If you manage an office, you can set up built-in seating to give your employees a place to sit during lunch breaks. Built-in seats at the front door of a restaurant also provide a place for patrons to wait during busy times.

2. Modern Furniture

The goal of modern design is to stand out and make the most of your property. Contemporary commercial outdoor furniture has a minimalist design with eco-friendly materials and comfortable cushions in neutral or earthy tones.

Office managers enjoy the sophisticated appearance of modern seating for their meetings or parties. Hotel or resort managers can accommodate both corporate clients and beach loungers with this style. You can use modern tables and seating for outdoor dining areas if you have a formal restaurant.

3. Retro Furniture

Bring back some of your favorite styles from previous decades with your furniture decor. Wicker furniture and metal chairs are remodeled from what was popular a couple of generations ago, but with more durable materials.

Restaurants that have a retro theme can feature bold colors or oddly shaped furniture. Hotel or resort managers can take advantage of the all-weather wicker furniture that’s comfortable but reminiscent of the past. Office managers looking for a casual place for their employees to go during their lunch breaks can use wicker or metal furniture on their outdoor patio.

How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is available in a variety of different materials. Before you decide on the best outdoor furniture materials for your business, consider:

  • The climate of your surrounding area.
  • How much time you have to maintain your furniture.
  • How much you’re willing to spend.
  • Your design preference.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight yet durable outdoor furniture material. Since it’s resistant to both rust and corrosion, you can use it in a humid or rainy climate. To clean outdoor aluminum furniture, spray it with mild soap and water, and touch up paint chips to prevent oxidation.

This material would be ideal for a public park that needs to accommodate people of all ages and weather throughout the year. Aluminum tables can withstand any weather, plus chairs and stools dry quickly and can handle heavyweight.
Faux wood benefits

2. Faux Wood

While it may be tempting to choose outdoor furniture made of natural wood, it’s often a bad investment. Natural wood can easily warp, splinter and rot if exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Luckily, if you’re looking for the aesthetic appeal of natural wood without all the headache, faux wood is a great alternative.

Faux wood offers a luxurious appearance for your outdoor space. This sturdy material offers the classic look of natural wood without fading or cracking. Also, because this material is made of post-consumer plastics, it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Many restaurant owners favor faux wood outdoor tables because of their attractive, professional look. You can also add cushions to chairs and stools to make them more comfortable. To maintain your faux wood furniture, use coasters with any drinks, and clean them with mild soapy water.

3. Powder-Coated Steel

If you’re looking for durability and a sleek look for your outdoor furniture, look no further than products made from powder-coated steel.

Steel is available in a variety of colors to complement your decor theme. You can also invest in trash receptacles with steel supports to prevent sagging and warping. Outdoor tables are durable and resistant to weather damage, and stools and chairs can handle more weight and dry quickly.

Tips for buying commercial outdoor furniture

Tips for Buying Commercial Outdoor Furniture

As you look for outdoor furniture for your business, invest in a furniture company focused on leadership, responsiveness, reliability and value. Follow these tips for finding the decor you need for your commercial patio:

1. Pay Attention to Quality

Quality is an essential element in choosing the right outdoor furniture. As you shop, research durable, weather-resistant materials, especially for your specific climate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and take notes on which brands you like the best.

2. Make It Visually Appealing

Aside from being comfortable and durable, your furniture should also be aesthetically pleasing. Restaurant owners should use art and greenery to make their eating spaces more inviting. As you look for furniture, remember that you’re not limited to the neutral tones you find in natural materials. Choose bright finishes or bold splashes of color to design your chairs and tables.

3. Try It Out

To make sure the furniture is comfortable, try it before you buy it. If you’re buying your furniture online, check out reviews before placing your order. Read whether customers returned the product or were satisfied with their furniture.

4. Get Exact Measurements

Use your tape measure to determine the exact square footage of your space before you place an order. You can put painter’s tape on the wall or floor to remember where you want to place your furniture. While the furniture may fit into an area, you should also think about how much free space people have to walk around.

5. Add a Protection Plan

Outdoor furniture is a hefty investment for your business, but it often includes a warranty for a small fee. You may also consider buying furniture covers or a basket truck to put your cushions in when you’re expecting rain. Make your property last longer by storing them away when they’re not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions for Buying Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Buying commercial outdoor furniture takes some planning and budgeting, but you can easily find what you’re looking for online. Here are some frequently asked questions that you may have about your search for the right furniture for your office patio.
Outdoor furniture that lasts the longest

What Outdoor Furniture Lasts the Longest?

Commercial outdoor furniture made from steel lasts the longest because of its resistance to weather damage. To get the most out of your steel furniture, you will only need to remove stains with soap and water. Furniture installers can drill steel outdoor dining tables into the ground to prevent wind damage.

If you don’t live in a windy climate, synthetic wicker furniture is a more visually pleasing option. This material is also easy to clean and resistant to weather. You can also dress up your wicker furniture with comfortable cushions and decorative pillows.

When Should I Buy Commercial Outdoor Furniture?

If you’re buying outdoor furniture for your business, you want to make the most out of your company’s budget. Even though you can find sales throughout the whole year, the best time to buy commercial outdoor furniture is in the early fall because:

  • Stores put their summer furniture on clearance at the end of the season.
  • In late September, the weather is still pleasant, so you can try out the furniture before storing it.
  • If you have to order an item, you don’t have to rush to get it ready for the summer.

The best material for outdoor furniture

What Is the Best Material for Outdoor Furniture?

The answer depends on your preference. Steel is the easiest to maintain, while faux wood is more aesthetically pleasing. When choosing the best material for your commercial outdoor furniture, consider which of these factors will affect your decision:

  • Resistance to weather in your local area.
  • Ability to maintain its appearance after excessive use.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Presence of eco-friendly materials.
  • Fitting within your company’s budget.

How Can I Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture?

The right outdoor furniture for your business depends on your industry. Here are some general tips for finding the furniture your company needs:

  • Make a list of how you want to use your outdoor area to determine what type of furniture will work best.
  • Choose furniture according to your preference for material and color.
  • Prioritize quality as you think about the comfort of your employees and guests.
  • Dress up your furniture with colorful accessories.
  • Try out your chairs and tables before you place an order.
  • Read reviews and shop around for the best furniture.

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