About Bramsford


Two Custom Lines, Thirty Amazing Collections

Bramsford.com offers a large selection of outdoor furniture and outdoor site amenities including tables, chairs, litter receptacles, planters, umbrellas, and more.  All of these are available in numerous styles, colors, and finishes to fit whatever your need—functional, elegant, eco-friendly, always reliable—without the high price. Under one roof, you’ll find an amazing variety of styles and colors in our diverse product lines.


Bramsford.com flagship product offering—the Classic Line of Plastisol-coated outdoor furniture will weather the elements and heavy-use environments where utmost durability is the preeminent criterion. Think of the worst weather conditions you can imagine—rain, sleet, and salt spray. That’s exactly what we’ve designed our extensive selection of Classic Line outdoor furniture and site amenities to withstand, thanks to tough Plastisol coating.

Our broad selection of Plastisol-coated outdoor furniture and site amenities consist of 1⁄4″ Plastisol coating, heat-fused and permanently bonded to the steel—This Plastisol finish is 30 times the thickness of paints and powder coatings. All Bramsford.com’s framework is coated with baked-on polyester dry powder, which provides a superior coating and appearance. Stainless-steel hardware is used on all products.


The high-end style of our Elegance Line of powder-coated furniture fits perfectly in urban or retail environments. If rust and corrosion are a concern, Elegance Line has you covered with many offerings that are 100% aluminum and give you a more architectural look that’s built to last.

Also, within the Elegance Line, many collections offer recycled lumber made from post-consumer plastics as a material option. This sustainable and environmentally friendly material offers the look of wood, but without cracking and fading.

Although the Elegance Line’s look is high-end, it isn’t high-priced. Our line can fit any budget just as well as we fit into almost any landscape. In return for purchasing our products, you get a head-turning look without the eye-popping costs—just one more way the Elegance Line is the smarter choice.


Guided by our core values, we’ll continue to make hard work and dedication a priority so that our customers are not just satisfied with our products and services but are sincerely delighted.

COMMITMENT A focus on leadership, the dedication and longevity of our employees, and a strong customer service desire to make things right

RESPONSIVENESS An efficient manufacturing process, short lead time of product delivery, and immediate customer service follow-up, from estimating to order processing to issue resolution

RELIABILITY The durability and longevity of our products, designed to be functional and backed by our warranty

VALUE Providing an excellent product at a reasonable price

Due to some delays at our suppliers' manufacturing facilities, we are currently experiencing longer than typical lead times.
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